First FHB update for Illinois Wheat in 2020

Some of the earlier planted wheat in the southern portions of the state may be fully heading by the end of this week.  After heads have cleared the ligule, you generally have 3-5 days before the start of flowering (Feekes growth stage (FGS) 10.5.1.).  Forecasts are not calling for significant rain over the next 10 days as of today (4/28), and the current risk for moderately susceptible wheat heading into flowering within that time should remain low.  However, we all know how weather forecasts can be.  Continue to scout fields and monitor this site for updates as your wheat in these areas enter the critical period for FHB.  Scab risk can be determined by visiting the FHB prediction center here.    If considering a fungicide, suggested products include Prosaro, Caramba, Miravis Ace, and Proline (if following with vegetables).  Replicated research indicates all of the suggested products are most efficacious in suppressing DON  when applied between FGS 10.5.1 through 5 days after 10.5.1.  FGS 10.5.1 is defined as the point where 50% of the main tillers have started to flower.  Remember, FGS 10.5.1 can be defined on each head, plant, and field.  For making a spray, we are focusing on the overall population of the field.  This is one of the reasons timing for FHB is tricky..

FHB risk map as of 4.28.20 for moderately susceptible wheat.


Example 10 day forecast for Marion, IL from



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